Deep Tine Aeration

Deep Tine Aeration forms an integral component of any sportsturf maintenance program.  Our Verti-drain and Wiedenmann aerators have the optimum combination of power and shattering action to penetrate deep compacted soils up to sixteen inches.

The tines create vertical holes that improve drainage and aeration while the shattering action de-compacts the soil between the holes. With maximum disbursement of equipment weight, we can access even the most sensitive turf including golf greens.

A deep tine aerator relieving soil compaction on a golf course
Aerating green surrounds
A deep tine aerator shattering the subsoil on a sportsfield
Unique, full adjustable, shattering action

View a video of our Wiedenman deep tine aeration in action

A second video shows the Wiedenman deep tine aerator up close

Benefits: deep aeration through root zone, improves infiltration, drainage, and air exchange, and promotes deep rooting and nutrient uptake
Aeration pattern on golf green
Aerating a golf course green with small tines
Aerating golf course greens

A wide variety of tine lengths and sizes are available; needle tines for greens aeration, solid tines for deep tine aeration, and coring tines for soil exchange programs.  Tine sizes vary from ¼ inch to 1¼ inch and a maximum length of 16″.

Aerating a fairway at Point Grey Golf Course in Vancouver, BC
Deep tine aeration of a golf fairway
Using more aerators on a field to get the same job done quicker
Deep tine aeration of a sportsfield

For more information on Deep Tine Aeration or any other Turf Maintenance services, contact Terrasol today.

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