Protect Your Surfaces with Erosion Control in Kelowna and Western Canada

Terrasol Environment provides a wide range of erosion and sediment control systems for various types of surfaces. Those include:

Managing Resource Development

Resource management and site development require stewardship of soil, water, and vegetation. Through proper planning, mitigation, and rehabilitation programs, adverse effects on the environment can be minimized. Terrasol specializes in providing services designed to mitigate environmental impacts by employing effective techniques that will ensure satisfaction for management objectives.

Terrasol operates throughout western Canada enjoying an excellent reputation for quality and service. Terrasol provides key soil and water conservation services. Specifically designed to meet or exceed resource management goals for cost effective and sustainable site rehabilitation.

Planning and operational services have been developed and refined over 40+ operating years, while participating in resource projects located in diverse and remote locations from B.C. to Saskatchewan and including the Yukon and N.W. Territories.

Terrasol has worked with a variety of private and public resource development initiatives, providing a broad range of expertise in site reclamation.

Our priority approach emphasizes the use of vegetation in a variety of structures and forms to achieve both temporary and permanent stability for disturbed sites.

The importance of aesthetic visual quality should not be underestimated. Initiate a quality revegetation oriented site rehabilitation program and enjoy a significant cost/benefit in terms of positive stake holder support.

Our Contribution
Quality and reputation combined with experience and equipment capability have defined Terrasol’s erosion control systems, surface treatment options, and stream rehabilitation measures.

Our goal is to continually seek innovative techniques and products and utilize our considerable expertise to ensure a cost effective and positive resource development project.

There is an old saying . . .
“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.

Soil And Tissue Analysis

Any project would greatly benefit from proper soil and tissue analysis as part of any SportsTurf maintenance program. Soil analysis offers a broad range of information about the type and chemical makeup of your soil profile. Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are the primary elements needed to grow grass. These levels should be checked to better understand what elements are missing from the soil.

Tissue analysis offers a view into the grasses root system and which nutrients are actually being taken from the surrounding soil.

Both soil and tissue analysis offer a better understanding of the “plants” on your site and what steps might be available for a better looking and more durable grass cover. Terrasol can help you make informed decisions on the addition of other seed species that can provide your turf with different properties, such as drought and winter tolerance. Soil modification products are also available through Terrasol and all would benefit from a full soil and/or tissue analysis prior.

Soil and tissue analysis requires special handling and sampling procedures to ensure an accurate representation of the site and therefore it is recommended that you have a professional company assist you. Samples need to be taken from several different locations on your site. Results can be stored and later compared to future samples ensuring the planted materials have appropriately balance soil and readily available nutrients. These considerations will allow your soil and nutrient analysis results will make for meaningful and appropriate to your site.

We offer soil and tissue analysis from an independent source Terrasol has been working with for decades. Every aspect of each sample is analyzed and a detailed report is produced allowing us to make the proper recommendations for your site's rehabilitation.

Operational Capability

Terrasol operations have designed and implemented numerous water and soil conservation projects with a priority to successfully meet existing environmental protection requirements. We utilize our specialized equipment and experienced personnel in a variety of environments, combining various revegetation prescriptions with suitable equipment to develop practical systems for soil erosion and sediment control.


Soil Erosion & Sediment Control System

A structured sediment trapping fibre complex comprised of a mixture of fibre strands bonded together and to the soil surface; controlling erosion caused by rain impact and sheet flow while promoting development of a vigorous vegetation cover to provide long term stability and meet reclamation objectives.

Key Considerations

SedimentLok® is a unique surface protection system developed by TERRASOL with twelve years of infield testing. The process involves a planning stage including evaluation of the site conditions and development of appropriate specification for seed mixtures, fertilizer and soul amendments and followed by installation completed by our specially trained crews. SedimentLok® controls soil erosion and promoted the establishment of a vigorous vegetation cover. The matrix forms a tight bond with the soil and conforms to the soil surface, thereby controlling surface erosion. It can be installed on steep slopes and is an effective alternative to Erosion Control Blankets with the advantage of more intimate soil contact due to the ‘cast in place’ process.

Triple Protection

The effectiveness of SedimentLok® is due in part to its unique three layer process which functions as a unit to provide very effective erosion control. The first layer or Bottom Coat conforms to the soil surface and forms a tight bond with soil particles. The Bottom Coat also includes the seed mixtures, fertilizers and soil amendments.

The Fibre Coat is applied over the Bottom Coat, protecting it from the erosive forces of rainfall and overland flow. The Fibre Coat provides a three dimensional matrix that controls runoff water velocity and channelization. Its long strand fibres form an interlocking network that is resistant to physical destruction.

The Top Coat is the component that binds the SedimentLok® together. The proprietary adhesives and fibres provide a protective covering and flow through the matrix to bind the Bottom Coat and Fibre Coat together.

The adhesives in SedimentLok® do not set permanent bonds but remain active providing reset capability if disturbed. This allows SedimentLok® to be self-repairing. SedimentLok® begins to control erosion immediately after application. It requires no setup time or special climate condition during or after application in order to be effective. SedimentLok® can be applied during light rain, to wet soils and is not harmed by freezing.

SedimentLok® has a unique combination of fibres and adhesives that not only control erosion but also trap sediment, removing it from runoff water that originated from untreated areas. As a result, discharge water can meet water quality requirements for suspended solids.

Representative Projects

SedimentLok® has been successfully used to control erosion and revegetate steep slopes in forestry, mine reclamation, highway and urban development projects. SedimentLok® is a valuable tool for protection of environmental values such as fish habitat. SedimentLok® has been recommended by environmental agencies as a preferred method for surface erosion control and environmental protection.

Planting Techniques

TERRASOL offers a variety of mechanical revegetation techniques that are engineered to get the job done.

Agricultural: Seeding methods are available where terrain and soil conditions are favourable to low -cost application methods.

Inaccessible Terrain: Project sites can be successfully planted utilizing innovative techniques such as hydroseeding.

Large Scale Projects: Encountering terrain and climate challenges on a large scale requires strategic planning combined with aerial and ground-based operational expertise.

Our agricultural method seeding, hydroseeding, and aerial seeding capability provides a multi-discipline approach that will accomplish your project objectives while efficiently meeting schedule requirements.

Maintenance Programs

A balanced maintenance program designed to accommodate site specific conditions is a critical component of a successful revegetation initiative. Economical solutions are proposed and implemented as necessary to develop sustainability within the plant and soil community.

  • Nutrient Deficiencies: Are a recurring challenge and need to be addressed on a timely basis to maximize vegetation development and sustainability.
  • Irrigation Systems: Will provide security for the initial investment in your revegetation program.
  • Soil Remediation Programs: Mitigate and correct unfavourable soil characteristic which inhibit healthy plant development.
  • Monitoring: Terrasol will provide site monitoring and evaluation of vegetation establishment projects for identification of existing and potential plant stress problems. Appropriate maintenance procedures can then be designed and implemented on a favourable schedule.
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