Maintain Your Natural Surfaces with Hydroseeding in Abbotsford and Beyond

Hydroseeding is a method of seed application consisting of fertilizer, tackifier, fiber mulch, seed, and other amendments as specified in a water slurry.

Hydroseeding was originated for the revegetation of barren slopes associated with site development. It has been successfully employed in forestry, mining, and construction. Hydroseeding has also proven extremely beneficial in SportsTurf applications allowing seed to be applied in locations inaccessible by other methods.

Benefits of SportsTurf Hydroseeding include reduced site disturbance, faster germination and establishment, and an even random seed distribution eliminating grow-in lines associated with other seeding methods. Erosion control agents can be added to reduce washouts. Additional amendments can be added to the mix to reduce the amount of watering required for grow-in.

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