Care for Your Playing Surface with Turf Maintenance in Vancouver and Surrounding Areas

Terrasol SportsTurf provides planning, establishment, and maintenance of sports turf. Whether it is a golf green, manicured lawn, parkland, or rugged sports field, Terrasol SportsTurf can assist to produce the best quality turf possible.

Management of quality SportsTurf presents many challenges. Intensive use compacts the soil, resulting in restricted rooting and poor water infiltration. Frequent mowing challenges the turf vigor and can increase thatch build up. Often the most limiting factor to optimum turf growth is the growing medium or soil.

Terrasol SportsTurf provides a unique combination of professional expertise, specialized equipment and operational integrity required to produce optimum results and maximize turf quality.

The full scope of our SportsTurf services includes:



Topdressing material is applied using low ground pressure equipment. Products such as sand, compost or amended soils are applied at predetermined rates. Topdressing combined with deep tine aeration allows for the soil profile to be adjusted vertically.

Field sweeping after topdressing assists in removing minor surface irregularities as well as incorporating the topdressing material into aeration holes. Combined benefits with deep tine aeration include improving long term aeration, reducing soil compaction, improving surface drainage and air exchange to the roots.

Capable of hauling 4 tons of material and dispensing it in under a minute, our TyCrop 460 live belt top dresser spins out sand very efficiently. Check out this video of it doing just that.

Core Aeration

Deep Tine Aeration

Deep Tine Aeration forms an integral component of any sportsturf maintenance program. Our Verti-drain and Wiedenmann aerators have the optimum combination of power and shattering action to penetrate deep compacted soils up to sixteen inches.

The tines create vertical holes that improve drainage and aeration while the shattering action de-compacts the soil between the holes. With maximum disbursement of equipment weight, we can access even the most sensitive turf including golf greens.

View a video of our Wiedenman deep tine aeration in action.

A second video shows the Wiedenman deep tine aerator up close.

The benefits of deep shatter tine aeration include:

  • Deep aeration through entire root zone
  • Improvement of infiltration and drainage of excess water
  • Improvement of air exchange and biological activity in the root zone
  • Promotion of deep rooting and nutrients’ uptake 
  • Improvement of turf quality by creating vigorous, healthy turf resistant to pests, weeds, diseases, drought and hard play

A wide variety of tine lengths and sizes are available; needle tines for greens aeration, solid tines for deep tine aeration, and coring tines for soil exchange programs. Tine sizes vary from ¼ inch to 1¼ inch and a maximum length of 16″.

Core Aeration

Core Aeration

Core aeration is performed on sand based fields when there is an excess of organic materials in the soil profile. Much like on golf greens, coring can be performed to remove thatch and to aid in vertical drainage. Terrasol can core aerate up to 8″ using 1″ hollow tines.

It is recommended that the cores be removed and the aerated field be top dressed and swept with new spec sand or other amendments; this will ensure that the organics and thatch removed from the subsoil are not spread back out onto the field, essentially just relocating the initial problem.

Terrasol provides several different solutions of core collection; view a video of one of our aerators coring and collecting in one step!



Sparse turf is supplemented by overseeding with our exclusive disc seeders that are designed specifically for rejuvenating sports turf. The double row of seeding heads provides an effective 1½ inch row spacing – half the width of conventional turf seeders.

The seed heads are individually spring loaded which reduces bridging and scalping effects and ensures the seed is planted at the predetermined depth. As well, our unique seeding pattern further reduces the row effect and promotes rapid fill-in.

Overseeding allows the introduction of improved seed cultivars to enhance existing turf while dealing with various soil and climatic conditions.

Ready to Seed


Terrasol has the specialized equipment to assist with your SportsTurf construction project. We undertake both golf course and sports field renovations or ground up construction. Our crew and equipment offer the very best for your renovation projects.

We have undertaken projects for golf courses that include fairway construction, green and tee deck shaping, and cart path construction. We provide much experience in custom bunker shaping with our experienced staff and specialized machinery.

Terrasol has constructed many turf fields and baseball diamonds all over British Columbia and provides yearly maintenance programs to them through our SportsTurf department.

We are prepared to facilitate your project from planning to planting and include a full complement of services along the way:

  • Drainage
  • Sub-grade leveling
  • Irrigation installation
  • USGA sand sourcing
  • Soil amendments
  • Final leveling and grade

We realize there are a variety of seeding options out there. At Terrasol we provide a solution that will satisfy your projects needs. We offer seeding solutions from cost-effective options such as broadcast and drill seeding to quick playability options such as laying sod. We offer hydroseeding as a balance between and have seeded many play field construction projects in this way.

Turf Fields

Check out some examples of our development and beginning stages of turf fields!

Baseball Diamond

Baseball Diamond

Terrasol’s SportsTurf Operations can assist you in keeping your baseball diamonds and turf looking their best. We have the specialized equipment needed to level and grade your field, as well as add amendments to both the rock infield and your grass turf.

We have built and maintained many baseball diamonds over the years for both municipalities, school districts and professional establishments.



Terrasol supplies landscape services as required and where necessary to complement our tree conservation, sportsturf maintenance, and erosion/sediment control projects. During design, and operational planning stages, Terrasol will coordinate and integrate landscaping components to ensure efficient and cost effective project completion.

Supply of specimen grade trees and shrubs is delivered by reliable and experienced operators and supervisors who will provide professional assistance to ensure specific landscaping requirements meet expectations.

Our extensive knowledge in all aspects of site stability and aesthetic appeal will definitely contribute to immediate project value.

We can also offer you hydroseeding, sod installations, and irrigation systems for your finished project.

Choosing us means you will be dealing directly with a project planner that is also your supplier and operator.

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