Providing Comprehensive Tree Care in Kamloops and throughout Western Canada

Terrasol’s Nursery department provides tree sales and tree relocation services, as well as landscaping services. We offer solutions for moving any trees, no matter what size. Established as part of Terrasol in 1998, it has provided a worthwhile complement to both Resource Management and SportsTurf services.

Our nurseries in Langley, BC have a large selection of specimen grade trees at competitive prices. We also maintain a broad inventory of planting materials and trees for your landscaping project. All of our trees are root pruned, burlap wrapped and in wire basket for safe and easy loading and planting. Our staff members are available to load your truck or to offer delivery and installation with our own.

We offer tree digging and transportation on your site or nursery. Our digging team offers professional tree spading and tying for one tree or thousands. All of our trees are dug with the appropriate sized spade, wrapped in burlap, and tied tight in a wire frame basket for safe and easy transplantation.

For tree relocation, Terrasol specializes in larger landscape material. We offer 5 tree spades that will dig from 20″ to 110″, and everything in between. We also offer hand excavation, cribbing, and lifting for large trees and can take care of all aspects of a large tree relocation from planning to planting.


Nursery Sales 

Terrasol carries a large selection of superior grade, root pruned trees for sale in our three Langley nurseries. We provide competitive pricing on a broad selection of common trees as well as superior specimen grade trees. Whether big or small, we have what you are looking for. Our tree nursery crews fill large orders for construction, landscaping, and development project, but we also have that perfect tree for your backyard. Our nurseries work closely with Terrasol’s tree service and landscaping crews to deliver and install trees throughout Western Canada and the US. Our specialized equipment allows us to work efficiently to fill your order, moving trees at virtually any time of the year.

Tree Digging

Tree Digging

Terrasol provides production digging and transportation for your home or nursery. Whether you own one tree or a few hundred, we have the equipment and manpower capable of meeting your budget and timeframe. We have the specialized equipment necessary to relocate and plant trees around your home with minimal landscape damage. If you have a tree you no longer want, we can likely move it offsite for free.

Our Tree Digging crews dig trees at a production level, helping nurseries and tree farms fill orders. We can also ship and install large numbers of trees at competitive rates. With our own trucks and trailers, we are able to move one tree or hundreds at a time to or from your jobsite. Contractors have been using us reliably for over a decade to get their landscape or construction tasks completed professionally and quickly.

We offer the best possible product. Terrasol packages all its trees in burlap and custom wire framed baskets to facilitate easy transportation and reinstallation. Having a properly packaged tree rootball also ensures the highest possible survival rate for your trees as well as leaving your site clean. For bushy or larger trees, we use a tree wrapping unit to safely tie branches out of the way for transportation and easier planting.

Tree Relocation

Tree Relocation 

For a decade, Terrasol has been creating solutions for your larger tree moves. Having started small, we quickly realized the demand for large trees relocation for homeowners, companies, and organizations. Our nursery division specializes in relocating trees to or from your site – no matter what size – and planting them properly. We go the extra mile to install your trees professionally and boast a 98% success rate on our moves.
Our new 110 inch truck mount tree spade is capable of relocating a tree with ease. The wide opening reduces the chance of damaging branches and the sheer girth of the blades ensures more roots are left intact. Both of these factors are critical for maintaining the health of your tree for years to come. Relocated trees can be moved onsite or transported miles away. Trees that are relocated in a tree spade means less handling, which reduces the stress on the tree.

When the presence of underground utilities or the utter size of the tree makes tree spade operation too cumbersome, Terrasol can create a hand dug custom cribbed root ball for lifting. Our knowledgeable crews, with years of digging expertise, have developed unique techniques of hand dug root balls. Hand digging assures the root mass is left intact while working around utilities, roadways, and buildings, guaranteeing minimal shock to the tree after relocation.

Planting trees with success require experience. Improper planting results in unnecessary stress as the tree starts to establish new roots and can lead to its death. At Terrasol we understand the measure needed for success and have the proper equipment needed to ensure a proper tree relocation. From proper cribbing and lifting, to transportation, to soil installation and stability around the new root zone, to proper anchoring, we helped write the book.

Terrasol has accepted hundreds of challenges to safely relocate even the most mature trees. Creating custom cribbed, hand dug rootballs is a specialty of ours, and we boast the same 98% success rate of custom large tree moves as we do for our tree relocation with spading.

We can arrange all of the finer aspects of your tree relocation, like day-lighting underground services, erosion protection, site cleanup, including hyrdoseeding tree anchoring, and watering maintenance. Our fleet includes cranes, long truck decks, water tanker trucks, and excavators.

Often times certain projects do not allow for trees to be relocated until after completion of a project. Our fully staffed tree nurseries in Langley, BC are capable of tending to your trees for days or years until the tree’s final location is ready.

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